We thank you for taking the time to view this page, due to the HUGE response in our custom forming and fabricating of most standard and custom work produced in our shop in the past 6 months, we must extend our custom work lead time up to 2-3 weeks on custom work. 
Rod, shapes, hinges, and stocking items may still be able to ship in 2-4 business days, or less from date of payment received.

    We are glad that our on-line customers have found us, and would like custom work produced for that special size item that they need. We try our best to complete all orders as they are received. But, we do find ourselves at times a bit more behind then we would like.

     We can say we are glad we found our place on the W.W.W that can be of great use for that custom size item or idea for many people all over the globe.
If you have any questions regarding this page or our website please feel free to contact us at anytime @ 
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Custom Forming and Fabricating lead times
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