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HDTV, TV and Computer Monitor stands
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    Our Plasma, HDTV, TV, and computer monitor risers and stands are produced from 3/8" and 1/2" thick clear acrylic material. 
The 3/8" thick stands are formed which will have 2 small rounded edges, one on the left side and one on the right side.

The 1/2" thick stands are made from 3 separate pieces of  acrylic with the top piece haveing all 4 top edges beveled with 2 side pieces bonded for extra support for heavier units.

All edges are polished.

Price difference example:
3/8"Thk. x 14"L x 10"D x 5"H:   $48.80  (estimated weight 12-18lbs)

1/2"Thk. x 14"L x 10"D x 5"H:   $56.50  (estimated weight 25-40lbs)
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Below Riser dimensions are
from inside the riser.
Sizes are by Length x Deep x Height
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3/8 Riser
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